The centerpiece of the river experience

BridgePark will be as vibrant as the river it spans. Designed for leisure, recreation and events, it will be a perfect spot for families to picnic, office workers to escape and friends to gather. This urban oasis will offer quiet seating, communal areas, art exhibits, farmers markets, entertainment and of course, breathtaking views of The River City. 

An economic catalyst

BridgePark will attract visitors year-round, spurring economic development through increased tourism and increased spending at nearby restaurants, shops, hotels and entertainment venues. The park will be another “must-see” for the region. More importantly, BridgePark provides an amenity that will attract and retain young professionals, sustaining and building local businesses. BridgePark brings a creative, innovative, urban space that young and old seek in a city. 

A boon to public health

The park will attract diverse members of our community to our best resource: the great outdoors. BridgePark will increase biking and walking paths in the city center, encouraging our community to be more physically active. In addition, enhancing opportunities to engage with our unique, natural landscape promotes our mental health. A more active and engaged RVA means a healthier RVA.

A platform for education

BridgePark will provide easily accessible public space for viewing nature every day and potential for an outdoor classroom during the week. The park’s location and design provide a unique platform to teach all ages about nature, history, science, architecture, art, sustainability, diversity and good business practices.

An eco-showcase

BridgePark will be a benchmark in eco-friendly technology and community sustainability, serving as a potential platform for alternative energy sources, natural food production and community meeting places. We expect to employ green or repurposed materials and renewable energy whenever possible.

A walk through history

BridgePark will acknowledge and respect the heritage and significance of its site and region, incorporating opportunities for historians and educators to experience the history of Richmond and the Civil War in a reflective, contemporary way.